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Close up of Staffordshire dog vessel
Stafford Dog Vessel
Flying Duck Orb
4 layer screen printed table runnner
Small vessel with Russian Dolls
Close up of small vessel
4 & 5 layer screen printed napkins
Napkin close up
Flying Duck vessel with wooden dolls
Flying Duck vessel close up
Napkin and table runner close up
Napkin close up with ceramic spoon

MFA Project: For the Love of Kitsch

Kitsch is quite often produced to be a tacky and overdone aesthetic without imitating anything of artistic substance. What I wanted to achieve during my MFA was to show that kitsch design could be created and retain artistic integrity.

I have always been drawn to kitsch and the humour it holds. Throughout my MFA project my main aim was to use kitsch in a knowingly conscious way and I could challenge the negative connotations by creating sophisticated and desirable objects and textiles to own.


My focus was on translating my drawings onto glass vessels by developing a type of graal technique with decals. Kitsch is often associated with materials such as tacky plastic fakery and mass-produced laminates, by creating kitsch as one off bespoke pieces with an unexpected  expensive material it would be a contradiction.

Photography by Beth Chalmers

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